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Psychological Assessments


Assessments Available


Learning Disabilities

School Behavioral Assessments

Personality Assessments

Trauma and PTSD

Anxiety & Depression

Diagnostic Clarification


Vocational and Career

Cognitive & Behavioral Assessments

We offer a wide range of cognitive, developmental and behavioral assessment services for school-age children, adolescents and adults.  We adopt a personalized approach to assessment. Our thorough evaluations identify a client’s specific cognitive, attentional and learning strengths and weaknesses. Clients are provided with a comprehensive report, detailing assessment findings as well as evidence- based teaching and learning recommendations, and accommodations

Personality Assessments

At Thompson, Fennell and Associates we believe that a major part of  growth and healing happens as individuals commit to becoming “students of themselves.” Personality Assessments are used as a tool to provide a more intimate picture of one’s defense mechanisms, and the what and why of our motivation in choosing specific behaviors.  Clients have found Personality Assessments helpful for a broad range of issues that have brought them to therapy, such as family struggles, self-defeating behaviors in work and in relationships, career fit, and other such important life situations.

Getting Started

To start the assessment process, you can call our office or send us an email. Clients will then be assisted in scheduling a time to complete the assessments, schedule a session with the provider, and then set up a final feedback session wherein the comprehensive report will be provided and reviewed. Collaboration with other therapists is a common aspect of assessment, and is encouraged if the client is currently engaged in therapy with another clinician. No information can be shared without a signed consent.

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