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About Us

In an increasingly complex and ever-changing world, it can seem quite overwhelming to balance the demands presented us: to raise children, to make time for relationships, to navigate work, and to do all the other things required to manage complicated lives.

Finding healthy ways to cope with the anxieties and losses that we encounter and to discover ways to deal with the trouble spots in our relationships can be messy and difficult.  


At Thompson, Fennell, and Associates, we are eager to come alongside you in these demanding times and provide you with a space to process, define, and engage the everyday problems that can weigh you down and keep you from finding your best self.  As therapists, we are growth facilitators who want to help you understand yourself and your problems and assist you in finding more effective ways of coping in life.  Our desire at Thompson, Fennell, and Associates is to assist you and your families toward personal, relational, and spiritual wholeness.  

Our practice, which has served the Cincinnati community for over 30 years, has long been dedicated to a deeply caring involvement with our patients while providing professional services of outstanding quality.  At Thompson, Fennell, and Associates, therapy is provided in a trustful and positive manner where individuals and couples are taught new strategies for coping with past and present problems, leading to more fulfilling life situations.

At Thompson, Fennell and Associates, we believe in the healing power of love.  Our philosophy involves a sincere belief in the dignity and worth of every individual,  We have a deep concern for the emotional, relational and spiritual health of individuals coming for help. The clinicians at Thompson, Fennell and Associates are interested in understanding and treating the whole person -- the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and values of each individual and every couple coming for assistance.

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